QIMU was founded by Esin & Benan Terzioglu in 2017 as a collaboration of a lawyer mother and a Pratt Institute New York graduate architect daughter. QIMU is dedicated to present its customers the chance to purchase premium quality, timeless, ageless and affordable-luxury goods that will remain relevant as the seasons change. Our main passion is to design products that will be a bridge through generations, that combines simplicity with elegance, and reflects on design by creating sophisticated and practical products to be carried by confident women.

We only use vegetable-tanned leather which are obtained in ethical manners and try to create a positive impact on animal welfare with the never-ending research for sustainable material options. We make sure our materials are ethically sourced and obtained. The fair and hygienic conditions of the supply chain are strictly monitored.

Buddhist spiritual leader in Chinese mythology has a bag; this bag is infinite, inexhaustible quality… so that the Buddha can put everything in it. Since the past and the seeds of life are in this bag, this bag is called ‘The Bag of Qimu’. QIMU’s logo means Blessing in wiccan symbolism. It represents the blessings of the moon goddess . The three tear drops represent our core values; handcrafted, sustainable, timeless