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10 Facts You Need to Know About Met Gala

10 Facts You Need to Know About Met Gala

In the world of fashion,  the first Monday of May only means one thing- Met Gala! We all have the image of the celebrities in their exquisite evening gowns on the red carpet, but in reality, Met Gala is so much more than that. So, here we are answering your top 10 questions about Met Gala.

What Is Met Gala? 

met gala starting

Met Gala is an annual event in New York for the Metropolitan Museum of Art & Costume Institute’s benefit. The event’s purpose is to raise money for the museum’s  costume& fashion department. The event is held on the first Monday of May every year. Another purpose of the Met Gala is to emphasize the museum’s temporary fashion exhibition. Each year, the committee of the Met Gala reveals the theme of the Gala which goes together with the exhibition. We can easily say that the Met Gala is the Oscars of fashion.

Who Attends The Met Gala?

The leading people of fashion, music and the cinema are invited to the Met Gala every year. The list is not stable, it changes from year to year.

Who Decides The Guestlist?

met gala guestlist

To attend the Gala, Anna Wintour’s approval is a must.
Gala’ya katılmak için Anna Wintour’un onayı şart.[/caption] Met Gala is one of the hardest red-carpet events in the world to find a ticket. It is impossible for a stranger to buy a ticket for the Met Gala since the event is by invitation only. And the rumors say that there is even a waiting list to be for the guest list. So, even if you do get through the guest list, you still have to get your approval from Anna Wintour as she is in the Met Gala committee. If you want to attend the Met Gala as a brand the same procedure also appears. Brands usually have a table in the Gala and can invite several celebrities for their tables but their attendees also have to get Wintour’s approval. And it does not finish here. The tickets do come with a price.

What Happens Inside?

Probably the most mysterious part of the event is what happens inside after the celebrities appear on the red carpet. According to the insiders, when the attendees are inside they first tour the exhibition before the cocktail party. Once the cocktails are finished, the guests have a dinner party with live performance.

Are Photos Allowed Inside?

met gala photos allowed

Met Gala’sının meşhur banyo selfiesi.[/caption] Even though in recent years some celebrities have posted bathroom selfies inside the gala, it is strictly prohibited to take photos inside. The main purpose of this rule is to make sure celebrities have a paparazzi-free zone to have fun. Secondly, to create a buzz around the Met Gala by making it mysterious. They certainly succeed in that.

What Are The Most Notable Themes of All Times In Met Gala?

Without doubt, all Met Gala themes are a sense of inspiration but if we had to pick  2018’s Fashion and the Catholic Imagination was one of the most sensational ones. The other sensational ones include Punk: Chaos to Couture in 2013, Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy in 2008 and The House of Chanel in 2005.

Do You Have To Get Dressed According to the Theme?

Even though it is not compulsory to dress suitable for the theme, it is highly encouraged. In 2018 Met Gala where the theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination’, most of the attendees have dressed within the theme’s concept. So we are still wondering how will the celebrities participate in 2019’s theme.

How Much Do The Tickets Cost?

The tickets are around 30,000 Dollars and if you want a table as a brand the prices are approximately 275,000 Dollars. The party and the exhibition inside are all sponsored and all the tickets fees straightly go to the benefit of the museum.

What About Celebrity& Designer Partnerships?

Like many other significant fashion events such as the Oscars and the Cannes Film Festival, celebrity attendees and fashion designers are often paired up each year. When a celebrity is paired up with a designer, all her/his outfit must be sponsored from the brand. In recent years some famous pairs include Selena Gomez & Coach, Rihanna & Maison Margiela and  Cindy Crawford & Versace.


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We all know her!
This month’s icon of the month is the glamourous & world-famous Madonna. One of the biggest pop legends alive, Madonna was born in Michigan in 1958.  Originally her name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone and is the daughter of an immigrant Italian family. Growing up in a strict Catholic family had a huge influence on Madonna’s controversial works. Through her adolescent years, Madonna rebelled against her conservative upbringing and laid the foundation of her artistic career by studying dance at the University of Michigan. She began her career by performing at rock bands and in 1983 her first single ‘Holiday’ became her debut. Madonna’s music consisted of catchy, upbeat electronic dance-pop rhythms where her lyrics were mainly about sex, love, and relationships. Throughout her music career, Madonna had many iconic hit singles such as: Like a Virgin, Like a Prayer, Papa Don’t Preach, Material Girl and La Isla Bonita. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s, Madonna became the rebel of the music industry with her controversial and sexual stage shows and music clips. In 1985,
along with music, her cinema career started with her eye-catching performance at ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’. In 1996, she starred in one of her most fulfilling movies ‘ Evita’. Since the ’80s, Madonna has always been a true fashion icon. One of her most iconic looks was her bridal wear inspired white lacey look from the ‘Like a Virgin’ single. In 1985, she collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier to create the famous cone bra corset top. The garment is one of the pioneers of the ‘ underwear as outerwear’trend has been interpreted many times in the fashion scenes. As well as music,  Madonna is still influencing nowadays fashion with her outstanding and rebellious outfits.




September – the month of autumn and the January of fashion. September is the month of fashion weeks, leather jackets, camel tones, the month where fashion agenda sets off and last but not least, the September issues of course. In the past, the September issues were considered as the bible of the fashion determining the trends and basically everything related. Nowadays, although they’ve lost some of their reputations to social media, they still have power. So this September, we decided to pick Qimu’s favorite 10 covers.


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